I’m torn about who I want as Party leader, but these are the qualities I’m looking for

Since David Cameron's announcement that he would not be leading us as an independent country following the brexit vote, I haven't been able to shift a knot in my stomach. There have been times when he has not been my ideal leader, but ultimately he was one of the reasons I joined the Conservative Party … Continue reading I’m torn about who I want as Party leader, but these are the qualities I’m looking for


Here is a re-post of an article I wrote for the Bow Group in 2014. Much of it still resonates today. Reflections on the 'State of the Party' On Wednesday 19th March, Lord Tebbit spoke to the Bow Group on how to revive the grass roots of the party and put members back at the … Continue reading REFLECTIONS ON THE ‘STATE OF THE PARTY’ (Re-post from 2014)


Does the Internet facilitate ‘virtual communities’? The internet offers endless opportunities and Bill Gates was right when he said that the internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. I would argue that it has already become the town square. What can you do in your town square that you couldn’t … Continue reading “THE INTERNET IS BECOMING THE TOWN SQUARE FOR THE GLOBAL VILLAGE OF TOMORROW”

The Slactivism of the Social Media Generation

Click, like, share, retweet, favourite… one word commands are all it takes for the social media generation to participate in a campaign. Long gone are the days where bright young things cramped around their parents wallpaper pasting table, painting banners and posters to hang from their dorm rooms and take to the streets. What happened … Continue reading The Slactivism of the Social Media Generation

Online privacy: fact or fiction?

Does online privacy exist? Or is it just a myth created to lead us into a false sense of security. Do you leave your curtains open at night with the lights on to allow everyone who walks past your house to look in and have a full glimpse of what you are up to? Online … Continue reading Online privacy: fact or fiction?

My 60th post

"You can choose your friends, choose the dream job, but you can't control fate, all you can hope is that you cope with the hand she deals you"   - Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 10 Nothing can prepare you for what is thrown your way, that of which is out of your control. Events of … Continue reading My 60th post

6 months post-gradutation

It's been six months since I finished University and I honestly thought that I would have had more time to write, sadly I haven't. I'm going to try my hardest to set aside some time to pen my thoughts of the week from now on. There is something quite relaxing, allowing thoughts to flow to … Continue reading 6 months post-gradutation

Finishing University ARGH!

Three years ago, my bedroom in my parents house was starting to fill up with new pots and pans, bedding, and anything else I thought I might need as a student (note that I prioritised cooking and sleeping!). Now, with just two more exams to go, the realisation that I have to be a proper … Continue reading Finishing University ARGH!

Social Media Supernova your CV

A Social Media Supernova It is often said that “a picture speaks louder than a thousand words,” but what about a video? Let’s face it; it’s far easier to watch a three minute video than read a seven hundred word article. A generation of “need to know right now’s” emerging from graduation ceremonies armed with … Continue reading Social Media Supernova your CV

The internet trolls will never win

Social Media is everyone's own worst enemy. What was once playground bullying visible to only a few handfuls of people, is now bullying which is visible to millions of people. There is no better feeling in the world than waking up in the morning and seeing the pain on the online faces of those trying … Continue reading The internet trolls will never win