Keep Calm And Join CF, BE The Conservative Future!

The summer months bring a perfect time for boosting membership across all ages throughout Great Britain. With police commissioner elections in November this year, the 2014 European Parliamentary elections and the 2015 General Election, it is imperative that membership is increased so that the Conservative Party have a great driving force to win a majority in all of these elections.

Conservative Future is asking for your help. It is currently the largest youth political movement in the UK and we want it to stay that way. The national executive is releasing a membership action plan for those under the age of 30 to follow, to help Conservative Future Branches, Areas and Regions to grow and prosper. However, this can’t be done with out you! Not only do we need to recruit members, we also need to look after the ones we’ve already got.

We shouldn’t just focus on recruiting new members, we must remember our existing members; don’t forget that they are the ones who have kept us going so make sure they are still involved.

Use Social Media to spread the word about CF, post campaign images and weblinks. Email the National Exec with events and we’ll advertise them for you, and don’t forget to email in photos with event reports so that we can let everyone know how fantastic your event was!

Make sure we are known about, and PROMOTE, use the local radio, local newspapers, shop windows, pubs, community noticeboards etc. Get out there, members won’t always come to YOU, you need to go to THEM.

Always keep everyone motivated! If something doesn’t go as well as you wanted it to, stay positive and think about what you can learn from it.

Build strong connections with neighbouring branches/areas/regions. Build strong relationships with your associations. Build strong foundations that will last.

Invite guest speakers to talk to members. Hold debates, policy forums, social action days, campaign days, and much more. Regular and fun events keep members interested and involved. Why not have “bring a buddy” events, people are more likely to join something their friends are already involved in.

Do you have all of your members recorded correctly on Merlin? It is essential we work with our associations to ensure that all members are recorded with their D.O.B. as it lets us know who is a member, and will also ensure CF specific information is sent, in particular ballot papers!

New members are precious! If they’ve never been involved in politics before, a room full of people you’ve never met can be very daunting. Make sure new members are introduced properly and feel extremely welcome. Getting people to come along is fine, but impressing them enough so that they come back – that is the challenge! Give members something to be involved IN. Everyone wants to feel needed and useful. Hand tasks out and share the work load, More hands make light work.

CF Policy Forum is a great way to get people’s ideas, for discussion and debate, to help influence policy decisions and to help form the party manifesto for 2015 when feedback is sent back to the party. Groups don’t have to be massive, you could have anything from two people, to a hundred people’s ideas on your feedback form.

So keep calm, join CF and BE the Conservative Future!!!

3 thoughts on “Keep Calm And Join CF, BE The Conservative Future!

  1. You say invite speakers to events. We at Mole Alley, Epsom & Ewell CF are trying to do this at the moment but it is proving difficult to find someone available. Any ideas?

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