I’m a Conservative – And?

The behavior tuesday evening of an elected officer at the #surhulgm was awful. To think that anyone who does not share your political beliefs is worth anything less as a human being than yourself is disgusting and you should be ashamed. When I attend those meetings, I attend as a student and primarily as a fresher, I don’t attend wearing my hat as NDCM for CF. I attend as Sarah-Jane Sewell, and I will stand for my own personal beliefs and it should not be assumed that I share the beliefs of the COALITION government. I am a Conservative, not a Tory. The behaviour of certain people is what puts most students off from attending these events. It’s immature and unrepresentative. If the behaviour of certain individuals reduces another student to tears then something is certainly wrong, it’s not funny, it’s not banter, it’s not even political – it’s personal.
The sooner that some are able to participate in a rational debate and provide an answer that is something other than “you’re a tory you’re wrong” or “don’t vote for them/ Warning; they’re a tory” and grow a pair of rational political balls the better.

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