Promoting Conservative Future with Social Media

social_mediaOne of the best ways to promote Conservative Future is through the use of social media. Facebook and Twitter have become fantastic advertising and organising tools. Many Branches, most areas and all regions have a Facebook “group” and Facebook “page”.

With Facebook’s introduction of functioning hashtags, it is easier than ever to promote everything that Conservative Future does on mass using social media. Like the Conservative Future Twitter username “@ConsFuture”, the hashtag is “#ConsFuture”, so if you ever post anything on facebook or twitter that is Conservative Future related, please be sure to hashtag #ConsFuture. This doesn’t have to be restricted to just Facebook and Twitter either. If you’re instagramming a shot of your campaign day, or pinning it on Pinterest, they also use hashtags.

With a simple click, not only will it be easy for everyone to chip in and help advertise your post through sharing and re-tweeting, it is also easy for everyone to see all of the fantastic things that Conservative Future do, from anywhere in the world.

Happy Tweeting and Facebooking!

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