Supporting Conservative University Students

students_1485569cAll but a handful of University branches have got their freshers pack ordered which will hopefully arrive by late August. With Students Unions being typically very dominated by “the left”, Conservative Students will be supported as much as possible. Conservative Future has many talented students who strive in student politics setting them up for their future careers in many areas.  Conservative Future still remains the largest youth wing of a political party, flying well ahead of Young Labour, Young Liberals and other much smaller groupings and with everyone pulling together this will remain that way, with that gap widening year on year as more students are recruited as party members.

This will be the best Freshers year to date, bringing in more fresh, bright and enthusiastic new faces. We even have a new group on Facebook for Conservative Students to join and network with other like-minded conservative students across the country at

Remember to hashtag your photos of your freshers stalls and induction events using “#ConsFuture” “#CFStudents” “#CFfreshers”.

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