Will Boris Johnson be the next leader of the Conservative Party?

BY ISAAC DUFFY, County Durham

I was recently intrigued by a conversation that reportedly took place between media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and Mayor of London Boris Johnson in which the scenario was he became the next Conservative Party leader, I personally, could fully picture this as being an extremely successful endeavour for the Conservative Party.

Most people would dismiss this as a mere concept that could never become reality, I however, think otherwise, I have several facts that can back up my hypothesis:

Growing up in a labour stronghold, I know how hard it is to persuade voters, especially young ones, to vote Conservative. I fear the general public consensus is that all politicians are either corrupt or useless. This is obviously not the case, but with more and more people formulating that opinion, I fear that electing a standard politician as our next party leader may not fare well…

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