8pm Rape.


It’s not very often that I watch Soaps anymore, but this evening, I decided to take a step away from work and flicked the TV on. Eastenders popped up on the screen and thought, what the hell I’ll just watch it tonight.

I didn’t know the storyline prior, all I could see was a middle aged woman, and a young man in his mid to late 20’s. What happened next I don’t wish to repeat. A multitude of feelings washed over me; I felt cold, numb, shocked, I was quite simply horrified. One did not need an imagination to know what happened in the Lavender shot.

The scene in the program wasn’t enough, even now as I type this, the BBC have just repeated it in an advert.

According to RapeCrisis 1 in 5 women over the age of 16 will experience some kind of sexual violence. Only 15% of those raped don’t know their rapist, which means 85% of those who are raped know their rapists. Everyone has the right to decline sex. Sex without consent is rape. 

Rape Crisis also say:

There are many reasons why some women stay in intimate relationships that are violent or abusive. These include:

  • societal pressures
  • shame about speaking out about what has happened
  • difficulty recognising or accepting what is happening
  • blaming themselves for what is happening
  • hope that their partner’s behaviour will change

Rape is a terrifying experience, for any gender.

Never suffer in silence. You can call rape crisis for free in the UK who will be able to guide and support you.

Please join me in raising funds for Rape Crisis here. 

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