Social Media Supernova your CV

A Social Media Supernova

It is often said that “a picture speaks louder than a thousand words,” but what about a video? Let’s face it; it’s far easier to watch a three minute video than read a seven hundred word article.

A generation of “need to know right now’s” emerging from graduation ceremonies armed with certificates of education and in to the real world, wearing slightly nervous dispositions and a new suit from Next, what happens then? A string of successful interviews would make the ideal situation, but there is more to getting a job than simply turning up on time in a freshly ironed shirt with an up to date CV.

With so many graduates churning through the University mill, one needs to stand out from the crowd, and that takes time and patience. It needn’t be hard, however, and all you need is a webcam or a lovely friend with a camera phone, and you don’t need to have any particular editing skills. In a modern world where face to face interviews are often left right to the very last few applicants who have been short listed, don’t let your potential employer miss out on seeing your face, hearing your voice, experiencing your personality and witnessing first hand your ability to think outside the box. Make a video CV or a video about something you are passionate about and whack it on your YouTube channel, though just remember to delete or set to private that video of you on that night out in the Students Union bar. Make it viral, using the right tags and hashtags, and using the right privacy settings on your social media accounts can turn your idea into something bigger.

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