World Cancer Day 2015

Today is World Cancer Day. I'm remember Nan and Grandad, Great Aunty Pam and Great Grandad Norris. More people are surviving Cancer than ever before, but I have still lost some incredibly important people to me. Please donate anything you can to cancer charities, because every penny raised brings us another second closer to curing … Continue reading World Cancer Day 2015

A New Role: Director of Environment and Rural Affairs for Parliament Street

I am really pleased to have the opportunity to join the think tank Parliament Street as Director of Environment and Rural Affairs. Having grown up in a rural and agricultural area, the issues and policies that affect rural communities are ones which are truly close to my heart. Keep your eyes on !!

#LDNCF #TwilightTories with former Conservative Future national executive

Wonderful evening last night campaigning with London Conservative Future for Simon Marcus PPC, who we should also congratulate on new fatherhood. Was excellent to be reunited with the old fellow Conservative Future national executive grandees, former Chairman Oliver Cooper and former Deputy chairman Political Robert Manning.

PARTY OF THE YEAR! #LDNCF Halloween bonanza!!

  EVENT OF THE YEAR!! Have you got your tickets yet for the hottest party of 2014 so far? No? Get it here: #FREEalcohol #FREEfood #Conservatives #Consfuture #Halloween

8pm Rape.

It's not very often that I watch Soaps anymore, but this evening, I decided to take a step away from work and flicked the TV on. Eastenders popped up on the screen and thought, what the hell I'll just watch it tonight. I didn't know the storyline prior, all I could see was a middle … Continue reading 8pm Rape.

#CFelects #Luke4LDN

Luke Springthorpe has just launched his website for his campaign to be London CF Chairman. Personally, I think he has got some super awesome ideas so you should really check out his website which has all of his manifesto on it--->

Let the voices be HEARD!

It was a fantastic piece when it was written and the sentiments still ring true today!

BY SAM WATSON, Yorkshire

In this day of economic and social crisis, people are becoming less and less interested in politics as they succumb to the belief that there is simply no hope anymore. Who can blame them? All we seem to hear from the media are the failures and scandals of our politicians; the wastage of the tax payer’s money, the all too frequent U-Turns, the dreaded cuts etc. However, we seldom hear of their successes, leading the public to believe that our politicians really are incapable.

But let’s zoom into the average British family and take a look. Dad has been told he now has to work for less, and Mum, with fewer resources available, is trying to run the house smoothly. Spending on food has been cut. Brother can’t afford to buy his new football shorts. Sister’s phone bill must be cut down. This is an all…

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Miliband gets Duffed!

I had completely forgotten about this, but this is another reason why I like Isaac. So much can happen in just 2 years!

    BY ISAAC DUFFY, Durham

I believe first and foremost introductions are in order, I’m a member of Hartlepool Conservative Future and passionate about the conservative party and our country. Recently I had an encounter with the infamous labour party leader Ed Miliband at the Durham Miners Gala. Firstly, I would like to clear up any questions about the legitimacy of this incident, it was 100% genuine and a ‘spur of the moment’, my friend Charlotte Berry can confirm that, as for a start we didn’t even know Mr Miliband was attending until we were there!

I go to the miner’s gala every year and am very disappointed by the fact it doesn’t fully celebrate Durham’s great mining heritage. Regardless of political allegiance, the gala should solely focus on celebrating Durham’s miners and them only. For the record, more mines closed under Wilson’s labour government in Durham than Thatcher’s…

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Will Boris Johnson be the next leader of the Conservative Party?

BY ISAAC DUFFY, County Durham

I was recently intrigued by a conversation that reportedly took place between media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and Mayor of London Boris Johnson in which the scenario was he became the next Conservative Party leader, I personally, could fully picture this as being an extremely successful endeavour for the Conservative Party.

Most people would dismiss this as a mere concept that could never become reality, I however, think otherwise, I have several facts that can back up my hypothesis:

Growing up in a labour stronghold, I know how hard it is to persuade voters, especially young ones, to vote Conservative. I fear the general public consensus is that all politicians are either corrupt or useless. This is obviously not the case, but with more and more people formulating that opinion, I fear that electing a standard politician as our next party leader may not fare well…

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