After many years of inactivity, Royal Holloway, University of London Conservative Future is relaunching, just in time for a new intake of freshers.

The group has notable Conservative Alumni including Andrew Stephenson MP, Jessica Lee MP, Stewart Jackson MP and Gregory Barker MP. As well as Andre Walker, a British Political and Media figure.

Agreed to take on the positions of Patrons of RHULCA, Andrew Stephenson MP (Party Vice Chairman) and Jessica Lee MP (former RHULCA Chairman), both offered their congratulations and were “delighted”. Strong communicative and supportive relations have already been established with the local associations.

An already very quickly growing branch, even before the start of term, Royal Holloway Conservative Future promises to be a vibrant and active addition to both Surrey and London Conservative Future.


The group can be found on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/rhulca/

4 thoughts on “RHULCA RELAUNCHES!

  1. Great news!! As a former member when we were sadly de-ratified by the SU for having too few members, would really recommend having a range of classic student socials, even just a good old fashioned pub crawl, to appeal to freshers outside the party faithful! Good luck!! 😀

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