Let the voices be HEARD!

It was a fantastic piece when it was written and the sentiments still ring true today!

BY SAM WATSON, Yorkshire

In this day of economic and social crisis, people are becoming less and less interested in politics as they succumb to the belief that there is simply no hope anymore. Who can blame them? All we seem to hear from the media are the failures and scandals of our politicians; the wastage of the tax payer’s money, the all too frequent U-Turns, the dreaded cuts etc. However, we seldom hear of their successes, leading the public to believe that our politicians really are incapable.

But let’s zoom into the average British family and take a look. Dad has been told he now has to work for less, and Mum, with fewer resources available, is trying to run the house smoothly. Spending on food has been cut. Brother can’t afford to buy his new football shorts. Sister’s phone bill must be cut down. This is an all…

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