Danish Young Conservatives meet CF

Friday night saw more than fifty Danish young conservatives from “KU” mingle with Conservative Future Members in CCHQ at a drinks reception.

Konservative Ungdom (KU) is the oldest political youth organisation in the world. This was highlighted by the member’s determination and enthusiasm to further the efforts of their predecessors and spread the conservative ideology, and campaign to win seats for their party.  

I spoke to many of their members Friday evening. They are very friendly bunch, speaking exceptionally good English, making me wish I had made more of an effort in French and German at school, it was a real pleasure to spend time with them, exchanging campaign stories, advice for improving membership and engaging more young people in politics, we all discussed many things.

The KU really are a great friend to CF, it’s important for conservatives internationally to maintain friendships, business and political bonds. The great wealth of knowledge gathered from so many great conservative minds across the globe, can help each individual nation respectively. I personally, have been inspired and impressed by other young conservatives who I have spoken to across Europe, to help both myself and others.

I really hope that we, as Conservative Future, maintain this relationship with Konservative Ungdom for many years to come. They are fantastic and lovely people.

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