Minister of State JOHN HAYES MP shares Afternoon Tea with South Holland and the Deepings CF

 Friday 16th March saw the south Lincolnshire branch South Holland and the Deepings Conservative Future take afternoon tea with Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning John Hayes MP.

The group discussed many things from Mr Hayes trip to America coinciding with the Prime Ministers visit. Vince Cable mistaking John Hayes’ new Trilby hat for his old battered one on the Coat Pegs in No.10. To deeper issues such as Syria and the Falkland Islands.

Mr Hayes has agreed to help the branch on a mass recruitment drive ready for September when the majority of the members of this rural branch leave the area for University. Question Times will be organised in the two single sex grammar schools, inviting other local sixth forms along.

Mr Hayes has shown impeccable support to Conservative Future. Having Chaired a Young Conservatives branch at the age of 15, and later the Nottingham University Conservative Association, John Hayes MP understands the importance of the younger members of the party, and the role they play for the Future of the Conservatives.

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