East Midlands CF Region Social Action Day

East Midlands Conservative Future invites conservatives across the region and indeed anyone who would like to participate, to a Region Social Action Day in Lincolnshire.

The weekend before the internationally renown Spalding Flower Parade, Spalding’s Chamber of Commerce and District Council have suggested a huge town tidy up. The local conservative association are already getting stuck in, lots of local businesses will be getting involved and it would be great to get a CF presence there to.

Social Action is really important, it’s about people working together, taking responsibility for their local area and helping to create the society that we want to live in by doing lots of little things to make a BIG difference.
If anyone has any t-shirts left over from freshers, it would perhaps be a good idea to wear them, and bring along any spares.

All equipment will be provided.

PLEASE REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE HERE http://emcfsocialactionapril.eventbrite.com/

For more details please contact SARAH-JANE SEWELL ( sarah-jane.sewell@conservativefuture.com)

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